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Multiple Choice Questions in IELTS Listening Section (Part 1)

One of the many possibilities of question type in IELTS Listening Test is the multiple choice question. As the best way to improve the ability is by practicing as often as possible, it is also important to understand the common problems and master the tips to tackle them. In these compilation articles, IELTSJakarta.com will help you in finding the correct answers to such questions.
Mainly, there are three different formats for the multiple choice questions:
  1. The first is a short answer multiple choice question. You will be given a statement and a number of different options to choose from.
  2. The second type is sentence completion question. You will be given a sentence stem and you will have to complete it with one of a number of options.
  3. The last is when you are given a sentence and you have to match this to one of a number of pictures.

Some multiple choice questions require you to choose more than one answer from a variety of options. You may be asked to choose two answers from five options or four answers from seven options. Approach these in the same way as a single answer question.
There are certain things that can trip you up and can lead to mistakes. Before knowing the strategies, here are the common problems that candidates face in answering the multiple choice questions.
  • Indifferent order. The speaker may not necessarily give the information or answers in the same order as the choices seen on the paper. Therefore, do not assume that the order will be same as those given. Listen carefully to know which answers fit correctly with the questions.
  • Similar Choice. There will be more than one option in the multiple choice questions, but the options can be so similar to each other that you may face difficulty in finding the correct answer. Also, the information you hear about each choice may be quite similar to each other.
  • Listening to all the words. There is a possibility that you will hear all the words which are given in each choice. Obviously only one out of them will be correct. To be able to mark the answer correctly, always listen carefully. This will help you locate the correct answer.
  • Paraphrases and synonyms. When you are listening, do not match exact words you read in the questions or listening script. The words you read will be different from those you hear in the actual listening script. Instead, you can search for synonyms or paraphrases.
Source: Compiled from Linguasoftech and IELTS Advantage
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