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Causative Verbs: Make, Have, Get

BY almio harjanto ON May31, 2017 
In IELTS writing, the very essential evaluation of your essay is grammatical range. We have to be aware that even a very simple grammar aspect is taken into account. The example of it is Causative Verbs.
Often times wewant to describe someone, or something makes us do something, or helps us to do it. In this case we need to use causative verbs. While it might seem like a daunting word, causative verbs are actually really easy to use.
a)      I made my brother carry my suitcase.
b)      I had my brother carry my suitcase.
c)       I got my brother to carry my suitcase.
Make, have and get express the idea that “X” causes “Y” to do something. When they are used as causative verbs, their meanings are similar but not identical.
In a): My brother had no choice. I insisted that he carry my suitcase.
In b): My brother carried my suitcase because I asked him to.
In c): I managed to persuade my brother to carry my suitcase.

Causative Make

d)      Mrs. Lee made her son clean his room.
e)      Sad movies make me cry.
Causative make is followed by the simple form of a verb, not using “to”.
Incorrect: She made him to clean his room.
Make gives the idea that “X” gives “Y”no choice.

Causative Have

f)       I had the plumber repair the leak.
g)      Jane had the waiter bring her some tea.
Causative have is followed by the simple form of a verb, not using “to”.
Incorrect: She made him to repair the leak.
Have gives the idea that “X” requests “Y” to do something.

Causative Get

h)      The students got the teacher to dismiss the class early.
i)        Jack got his friends to play soccer with him after school.
Causative get is followed by a to and simple form of a verb.
Get gives the idea that “X” persuades “Y” to do something.

Once we are well versed with the use of the explained above, we could definitely boost IELTS Test especially in writing.


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