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Idiomatic Expressions to Use in Speaking Test

When we use advanced vocabularies, it does not always mean that we use rarely used words, but we can make use of idiomatic expressions.

We can see below that they are some daily toned vocabularies but we may find them helpful to boost our score in IELTS speaking test.
1. He said he’d touch the base with me tomorrow.
     This means the person ‘He’ will come in contact or communication with ‘Me’.
2. I remember how I used to while away the hours during summer vacation.
     This means the person spends time in that way, because he is waiting for
     something else to happen, or because he has nothing else to do
3. She waited the news with bated breath.
     This means her breath is restrained and she produces voice in a mumbling or 
     murmuring fashion.
4. We found ourselves in dire straits.
     This means that they are in a state of extreme distress.
5. The gophers are wreaking havoc with my garden.
     This means the gophers are causing wreckage or destruction. Wreak means 
     causing while havoc means destruction or disorder. 

Try to always use these idioms in your daily conversation with your people around you so they can come in handy when your topic relates to them.

In IELTS Jakarta we introduce these expressions to our students and let them be well versed so they can recall them at use at any time particularly in the IELTS Speaking test.

almio harjanto ON April 29, 2017  


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