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Understanding Section One of IELTS Speaking Test

BY almio harjanto ON March 29, 2017 
Knowing the types of questions in IELTS Speaking Test helps us a lot to demonstrate our ability as required. In this article, we will see what is expected of us to perform when the examiner asks the questions in Part One of IELTS Speaking test.
The following are the types of questions that ask your ability in typical areas and sample questions as well as answers. I am bringing up Sport as example topic since it is quite popular and many enjoy talking about it.

1.    Identifying question:
What kind of exercise do you enjoy?
è I am really keen on running because it’s quite easy, since you don’t need fancy equipment and it doesn’t require specific time to do it.
2.       Expressing an opinion:
Is it important to exercise regularly?
è Yes, it is. Doing this on schedule will keep our mind and physique healthy and fit especially in order to do our routines every day.
3.    Comparing
Do you think people are exercising more these days compared to 50 years ago?
èNo, I don’t think so. Nowadays, there are more activities to do as responsibilities due to the ever expanding varieties of aspects of life. These people are so banded with their duties that that have to sacrifice workouts.
4.    Describing
Can you tell me what the facilities in your sport center look like?
èYes, I have the impression that all equipment installed are of well-known brands and technologically quite advanced
5.    Expressing preferences
Is it better if you exercise alone or with a partner?
èI can see that since there are more attractive activities to partake or at least issues to share about, I would say doing workouts with a partner is the best.

There are no in-depth answers on this stage of interview but we can extend the answer with some long sentences. To get high IELTS Test Score, make sure you are familiar with vocabularies related to the topicsandknow the verb tense. For example, “I provide my own racket and shuttlecockanytime I go for my scheduled practice.” This response uses essential terms that are related to badminton. “What exercise do you enjoy?” This question calls for the usage of Present Tense.

In our IELTS Preparation course we heavily emphasize these types in our classes. We alsoexpose them to various topics that are common to be tested in IELTS Test.


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