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One Activity to Improve Reading Skill in IELTS

The process of completing Reading in IELTS examination is often considered difficult and tedious and it is profoundly true due to the fact that people are born with different backgrounds and abilities which influence everyone to have various interests and hobbies. Frankly speaking, to have reading as a hobby is actually a major benefit for those who are or will take the IELTS exam because those people are used to reading long sentences with special words at an early age. IELTS reading consists of lots of difficult words with long dreary sentences and style which shares similarities with non-fiction books, novels and newspapers.

I am not here to suggest every applicant to read all those books every day before taking the IELTS, but it is best for everybody to read and finish a book or two once a week. It is often difficult for people in adapting to new changes or picking up new hobbies, it is why allowing ourselves to buy novels or non-fiction books based on the covers which peak our interest, and finish reading them would be one of the easiest methods in improving applicant’s reading skills. Reading those books, understanding the difficult words, comprehending the incredibly hard plots will indirectly force our brain to work and absorb information which would strengthen our grammar and vocabulary abilities. Once people are used to their new hobby of reading, they will genuinely spend more time doing it and in turn, it provides them the atmosphere where they feel comfortable of reading long texts, paragraphs and essay which are generally found in IELTS reading module. IELTS Preparation program in SpecTa Education and www.IELTSJakarta.com are the two sources of excellent information in regards to handling IELTS examination especially in purpose of achieving wonderful score. 

Melvin Kevin
1st March 2017


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