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How to write an overview on Ielts Writing Task 1

To achieve a high score on Academic Writing Ielts Task 1, you need to have a good overview which shows that you can identify the most important information from the given chart, graph, table, process or map.

What is an overview?

It is simply a summary of the main or most important thing. You do this by picking out several of the most significant things that you can see visually and write them in general sentences. You are just looking for something that describes what is happening overall which covers the main changes that took over the whole period without looking closely at the data.

To select the correct features, you need to understand that there are two different kinds of charts and graphs.
                First, the charts that show data over a period of time.
                Second, the charts which show data at just one point in time.

There are also things that you have to pay attention to. On describing a graph over time you will need to use the language of change. On writing an overview of tables, you have to find the patterns under the horizontal and vertical headings.

To obtained a 5 score for task achievement, you must write the overview. When you manage to write a clear overview, you might get 7 for this part of the test. The overview must be written on the second paragraph

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