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Fillers in IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking requires every participant to be able to speak fluently without hindrance, though most of the time what happens is those participants might find such requirement to be troublesome due to several aspects. Some of those aspects that might hinder anyone from speaking fluently are different native language, the lack of English training skills, nervousness, anxiety, fear of public speaking, uncommon environment, and new people and acquaintances who we haven’t really gotten to know yet. Those elements are quire general in terms of being an obstacle against a participant in speaking as excellent as they could. Furthermore, those elements directly cause people to speak with natural fillers without the correct fluency which is needed to obtain amazing score in IELTS Speaking Test.

Fillers are the type of words or sounds when people utter in situations such as, when they forget what they want to say, when they get confused by their own speech and when their nervousness attack them from within while they are being interviewed. Some people that are unfamiliar with IELTS might find the word “Fillers” to be confusing and to make it easier to understand, I’d like to inform some examples of fillers and they are hmm, um, like, you know, totally, uhh, and ok so. 

Those filler words are often uttered by participants who have trouble in speaking fluently and it is not their fault to utter those words, because fluency is not given, it is earned through training, habit and discipline. The IELTS Preparation program in SpecTa Education actually provides and teaches potential participants the key skills in mastering English speaking fluency while naturally decreasing their anxiety and nervousness. Therefore, the fluency that is taught to participants will be applied in their speaking skills on a day-to-day basis while maintaining their calmness. Please check www.IELTSJakarta.com for more guidance and information.

Melvin Kevin
19th January 2017


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