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In the previous lesson, I have describe how to get the right answer in IELTS Listening questions especially when the candidates have to complete a form, which could be dates, places, name, numbers, and times. This time, I will also explain how to write the correct answer when the candidates have to write numbers, such as dates or phone numbers.

Again, this is also kind of questions in which I find few students taking IELTS Preparation Course in www.ieltsjakarta.com make mistakes. As well as trying to remember and match the spelling into the right letters, the students sometimes should try to match and write the pronunciation of numbers in the paper.  It will be great if they could write correct answer in order to have an expected score. So, the students should write the pronunciation of the number in the questions sheet, and think about it later when the transfer the answer to the answer sheet since they have 10 minutes to transfer the answer. Even for the simple thing such as guessing SEVENTEEN is for 70 or 17 could break the students’ concentration and loss next number.

For example: Telephone number : 9367 6701. In the questions sheet, the students could write
9 3 double sixty seven 0 1
Then when transferring the answer to the answer sheet, the students could write 9367 6701.

This trick will help the IELTS candidates to keep focus to the next questions.




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