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IELTS Listening questions are divided into 4 sections, and each section has 10 questions. Usually in IELTS Listening exam, the candidate may have to complete a form. This question type can often be found in Section 1. Normally, each answer is one or two words and the information is factual, such as dates, places, name, numbers, and times. When it comes to name of a person or places, sometimes the candidates should write the spelling correctly, while the speaker in the recording spell the letter one by one. The candidate from non-speaking English countries, like Indonesia, sometimes finds it is hard to write the letter in the paper as they should remember and match the spelling into the right letters. If they try to think the letter, it may take time and it increases the possibilities to miss the next letter and make the wrong answer.

After giving the answers to the students in the listening class, I usually evaluate the students’ mistakes, and give advices relating to their weakness. However, few of them make mistakes in this kind of question. Hence, I am as the teacher the students taking IELTS Preparation Course in www.ieltsjakarta.com usually ask the students to write the pronunciation of the letter in the questions sheet, and think about it later when the transfer the answer to the answer sheet since they have 10 minutes to transfer the answer. This is suggested to be the best time to think about it, instead just think about the letter and finally give wrong answer.

For example: name of a person is CRYSTAL. In the questions sheet, the students could write Cristal or Kristal but when the speaker spell it, they could write si ar wai es ti ei el. Then later in the answer sheet they could write CRYSTAL.




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