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Things that you have to know before doing IELTS Listening Test

  • You must read all the instructions very carefully so that you understand what is required to answer each of the questions.
  • When you read the instructions for note-taking tasks, underline the number of words you are allowed to write for each answer. The notes are in the same order as the information that you hear. You have to write the exact word that you hear. Make sure that you spell everything correctly.
  • If you are asked to write the name of the street, person or company, it will be spelt for you. Practice the names of the letters or the alphabets so that you will be familiar with them, as you only hear them once. When a letter or number is repeated, the speaker will say ‘double’ as for example, FF is ‘double F’.
  • You can write a date in three different ways (e.g. 13th June, June 13 or 13 June).
  • For questions involving things like measurements or money you must write the unit of measurement if this is not already given on the question paper. You can write the whole measurement or abbreviation (e.g. 25 metres or 25m, 25 kilometres/kilometers or 25 km).
  • Predicting what type of word will go into each gap helps you to be ready to hear it during the recording.
  • Follow the recording by listening for the answer to each question. As soon as you get the answer, listen for the answer to the next one.

That is all things you need to consider before taking listening test. This listening tips is supposed to help your IELTS preparation. Now the last part of your preparation program is do more exercise in IELTS Listeing. If you have difficulties in preparing yourself, we are always ready to assist you through our IELTS Preparation Course. All you need to do is contact us at IELTS Jakarta Office or SpecTa Education.

by Yunita
SpecTa Education


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