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Should I Master The Topic in IELTS Test?

Dear IELTS Seekers, we have received many questions in IELTS Jakarta regarding vocabulary, especially when people feel unknowledgeable with the given topic. Commonly, students will easily feel thwarted by topics such as sciences, politics and agriculture. The first question that will be revealed is

“Am I expected to know specialized technical words and use them in my test?”

Unexpectedly the answer is NO. In this case, student should understand the fact in IELTS, you are not required to be a professor or expert in science to get score 7.0 neither in speaking or writing. Diction which normal person can meet when reading the media, newspapers, popular websites and magazines is the best choices indeed.

The next puzzle is what makes those words in magazines sound special. Even people never realize, magazines’ editors and journalists have done great jobs by maintaining the variation of words and organization of idea in their articles. They systematically used variety of synonym and analogy to create non-monotonous works, instead of struggled with boring word repetition.

To give you a clear understanding about experts and commoners ways in the choices of vocabulary please refer to examples below.

1. Expert in Mechanical Fluid
In order to improve the speed of existing car, systematic evaluation about the weakness in conventional transportation technology has been conducted. One of the most crucial issues is drag forces. Unfavorable drag forces could be indicated by the pattern of fluid’s boundary layers surrounding the solid object which is car in this case. Based on this analysis, modification to create more aerodynamic shape will increase the maximum speed that could be achieved by car.

2. Commoners
Our innovators in automotive segment recently tried to improve the performance of existing cars. Recent study has successfully confirmed that car shape can contribute to the reduction of energy consumption. A great design may reduce the energy lost caused by friction between air and body, in other words, better fuel efficiency and higher speed. They are optimist that their idea will be successfully implemented and produce 10% faster car compared to the conventional one.

The first writing is complex and consists of too many unfamiliar phrases. In contrast, the second writing uses more common dictions. Even though both writings are good enough to achieve band 6.5, the second writing is the one that represents the quality of vocabulary that is expected in IELTS.

by Phelia
SpecTa Education


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