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Strong Vocabulary Will Help You to Understand Reading Passages in 60 Minutes

Almost all students find it is difficult to answer the 40-question IELTS reading test in only 60 minutes as they say that they do not have enough time to read all the passages. As well as, they also comment that some of the vocabulary words in the reading passages are not common for them, so they get troubles in understanding the passages. In fact, the words in the questions seem different from the passages but have the same meaning. This will make the students get more frustrated answering the questions. 

For example: 

............... This ability to reach fast has been greatly improved with the aid of technology. The telephone and police radio, already long in use, assist greatly in the reduction in........... In more recent times, there has been the introduction of the “911” emergency system, which allows........, and the use of police computer system, .........

The questions: 
Name of the two latest technological developments that reduce police response time.

The students with lack of vocabulary words will answer telephone and police radio since they think that latest means the oldest one. However, when the students know that latest in the question has the same meaning with more recent times, the will answer 911 and computer

This is one of the example of the question showing that understanding and improving  variety of vocabulary words is a crucial thing to have better score. Also, this fact is true to other bands in IELTS, which are LISTENING, WRITING, and SPEAKING. 

There are many tips and tricks that the teachers explain when they teach the students attending the IELTS Preparation Course at www.IELTSjakarta.com before the students sit in the IELTS Test and the explanation above is one of the examples. 

The teachers always as much as possible set the time needed for each band when the class starts. So, the students get accustomed to the limited time and do not get shocked when sitting in the IELTS Test. It is important to note that the candidate will not be given extra time for each band. 

Hence, in favor of having high score in IELTS reading, the candidates should start learning new vocabulary words and find the synonym to improve themselves in understanding the passages and the questions as well, or they can take IELTS Preparation Courses.

by Onny


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