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Improving Vocabulary For Writing Proficiency

Many of you guys might be wondering just how to improve your writing abilities for the IELTS Writing section of the test. A major component of writing fluency, proficiency, and ability is through the use of a wide range of vocabulary. Words are a powerful tool in and of itself, it enables us to express our thoughts in a concise manner and create descriptive and powerful imagery in the minds of the readers. 

IELTS Preparation programs at IELTSJakarta.com through SpecTa Education aim to develop students’ ability to employ a vast array of vocabulary and utilize it in their writing tasks. With this they will improve their lexicon and knowledge of the appropriate contexts of when to apply a specific synonymous word into their sentences. Thus increasing the overall score for the writing section of the IELTS test through well elaborated essay's content becomes possible.

Reading novels on a frequent basis is one of the easiest ways of grasping unfamiliar words never seen before. Being able to understand a word by using inference from the surrounding words in the sentence will give a clue as to the meaning of that particular term. If you are still stumped about the method to enrich your vocabulary, referring to a dictionary will aid in understanding the word. Through constant practice and support from IELTS courses offered at SpecTa Education, there is no doubt that your writing score will vastly improve.

By Alex
IELTS Jakarta


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