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Common Grammatical Errors in Quantifier Adjective

In an IELTS Test, particularly IELTS Writing and IELTS Speaking, Grammar is one of the factors being assessed by the examiners. A lot of people made many grammatical errors during the test simply because they thought some things are grammatically correct since they seem to be common. But only after the teachers in your IELTS Preparation Course pointed out the mistakes, then soon you realized how terrifying English grammar can be! >.<

Determiners are some of the trickiest things. 
There are many occurrences in which course-takers wrote phrases like “most of countries” or “all of people” in their IELTS reports or essays. The phrase “most of countries” is obviously a common error. Articles which refer to quantities, such as “most”, “all”, “many”, and “a few”, can be used in either two ways:

  1. Followed directly by the noun to refer things in general, or;
  2. Used with the preposition “of” and the article “the” before the noun to refer to a quantity of a specific group which is defined directly in the expression.


  1. Most countries are affected by the new regulation.
  2. Most of the countries which are experiencing poor economic performance are affected by the new regulation.

The incorrect phrase “most of countries” is probably a mixed expression of both usages.
Things like understanding the determiners and other grammar-related skills undeniably play huge roles in assuring higher IELTS test score.  So, good luck from us, IELTSJakarta.com, and have fun with your grammar adventure!

Be SpecTacular! ;)
By Fredrik Nael
SpecTa Education


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