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Symbols in IELTS Reading

Symbols in IELTS Reading

IELTS has four different subjects which are called Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. With this article, I’d like to specifically discuss about the Reading subject which I am sure that most people find it to be very complex, especially in regards to obtaining a good result. That point of view is actually quite common because, though some people might favor reading as a hobby, there are some others who do not find reading to be that interesting as an activity. Essentially, I am certain that human beings biologically and naturally tend to remember and memorize pictures better than words. Hence, the importance of pictures and symbols in purpose of attaining remarkable score for IELTS Reading.
The IELTS Preparation in SpecTa Education actually teaches and guides all of the applicants to use pictures and symbols while doing the Reading subject. There are usually three long essays which are divided into three sections in Reading, to make matter easier in terms of reading the passages, it would be more pleasant for an applicant to underline those long sentences with their own version of symbols such as circle, square, double or triple underline. Our IELTS Course undoubtedly believe that by drawing symbols on the passages and essay, the applicant’s brain would automatically remember certain keywords or sentences or topic that relate to the Reading questions.

By Melvin Tera


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