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Why Should I take IELTS Simulation

Many students are questioning the necessity of IELTS simulation before taking the real international certification test. This simulation will facilitate the needs of valid tool to measure how close your actual capability toward targeted IELTS score. Other additional point, participants who are new to IELTS may get some overview about the technical aspect of the test, and the best strategy to make them feel comfortable with test format itself. All of these are fundamental in answering the curiosity about how IELTS Simulation indirectly supports improvement of students’ scores. 

Talking about IELTS simulation cannot be separated from IELTS Jakarta as the first credible provider of Simulation Test. Different from other institute that provide partial test (listening and reading only), we give full package of test including listening, reading, speaking and writing. Based on our experience for 10 years, our modules are adapting the standard level of IELTS Certification Test. Moreover, our teachers are knowledgeable to exert parameter of scoring to maximize the objectivity in speaking and writing tests. Mostly, our customers, both individual and institutional, feel satisfied with their prediction test results and feel more confident in taking International IELTS Certification.

Based on these let’s plan your success in IELTS, starting from IELTS Simulation Test with IELTSJakarta. Make sure that you consult to our experts to arrange schedule for your simulation test as soon as possible. Whatever your purpose and whatever your target is, we are here to support you.

Find out more about our preparation program: www.spectaeducation.com


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