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The Best IELTS Preparation

Kami mempunyai Metode dan Sistem yang tepat untuk membantu anda meraih score yang anda inginkan

Unlock The World with IELTS

Sertifikasi IELTS bisa di gunakan di berbagai institusi dan berbagai bidang di seluruh dunia.

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Dengan IELTS siap menyongsong kesuksesan masa depan anda di dunia.

IELTS Preparation Terbaik

Kami membantu mempersiapkan diri anda untuk mendapatkan Score yang anda perlukan.

IELTS Preparation Jakarta

IELTS Jakarta membantu anda meraih score IELTS yang tinggi.

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Choosing the Right Preparation Program in IELTSJakarta.com

Choosing the Right Program in IELTSJakarta.com
IELTSJakarta.com is proudly recognized as one of the most influential institutions in respect of IELTS for IELTS preparation and IELTS guidance, while providing the students and applicants the most effective methods in learning and studying for IELTS in purpose of successfully achieving the desired IELTS score. IELTSJakarta.com actually offers four types of programs and they are called regular 80-hour, focus 30-hour, focus 20-hour and focus 10-hour. 

Based on duration, focus 30 provides the students and applicants 3 months study time while focus 20 provides 2 months and 1 month for focus 10. Meanwhile, regular 80-hour has the ability to provide longer study time with the duration of 12 months and when a student regularly attends our IELTS preparation and finishes their 80-hour study time in 2 – 3 months, they are still very much welcomed and allowed to learn and study in IELTSJakarta.com for the next following 10 months, free of charge.
IELTS Test has four bands of listening, reading, writing and speaking. In respect of those bands, IELTSJakarta.com always conducts IELTS Prediction Test every day from Monday to Saturday for the applicants with the mission of informing them as thorough as possible about the result of all those four subjects, including their weakest and strongest ones. Correspondingly, our IELTS experts will give complete explanation to the applicants about their writing and speaking interview results. Moreover, our study counselors will also advise the applicants about the most appropriate program to choose based on their prediction result. 

In IELTSJakarta.com, the stated four program of IELTS preparation courses genuinely grants additional bonus hour for study time. Evidently, regular 80-hour implements the unlimited hours of 1 year study time while focus 10 gives 2 extra hours, focus 20 gives 5 extra hours and focus 30 gives 10 extra hours. On that account, all those extra hours are bestowed based on the chosen subjects.
Conclusively, IELTSJakarta.com with our IELTS experts and study counselors believe that everyone has the potential to acquire amazing IELTS score and we always acknowledge to every applicant beforehand that efforts and willingness are consistently required to accomplish greatness.

Author : Melvin