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What To Do Before You Sit for an IELTS, Part 1


Sitting for an IELTS Test is something that a lot of people around the world want to do. Going abroad, whether it’s for study, holiday, or working, would require this test. However, we have received clients who have absolutely no comprehension about an IELTS test. Well, believe it or not, this could affect your IELTS result. This is why we recommend you to do a few things before taking an IELTS Test.


Alright, one of the most common mistakes of a person who wants to take IELTS is that this guy has no knowledge about an IELTS Test. Lots of people have taken other English Tests, and they assume that all tests are the same.
Bad news, folks. They are NOT the same.
I honestly find it quite irritating that some na├»ve speak about IELTS in their bravado, claiming that “IELTS is easy”. If you are thinking the same way to, I can assume you have not taken an IELTS test or learned enough information about IELTS.

To begin with, IELTS is quite similar to other tests. It assesses your capabilities in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. What makes IELTS (Academic Module) so special is that unfortunately it does not only assess your English, but also your critical thinking. If you only aim for 5.5 – 6.0 band, some basic English with properproficiency and lexical resources would take you there. (Yes, I put emphasis on the word proper since a LOT of people think that their English is already proper, but actually it is NOT. This will bring us to point three later on). Nonetheless, if you are planning to take a Master’s Degree, especially in top universities in UK, they require you to have 7.0 -7.5, and this is where the hard part comes in.

In my personal opinion as an IELTS Trainer, if you want to achieve band at least 7.0, the greatest obstacle for most people should be the reading, writing, and speaking, and I want to focus on the reading part.

READING is gonna be a nightmare if your English is just merely sufficient. It assesses your English as well as your critical thinking. Ask any IELTS test takers or buy any books about IELTS and you’ll find the reading part will require you to check the truth. There’s a part in which you need to determine whether a statement is TRUE, FALSE, or NOT GIVEN. And these statements are sometimes paraphrased from the IMPLIED meaning within the passage.
(Correction, they use paraphrasing for almost ALL of the questions. So if your vocabulary is only sufficient for basic conversation, I am really sorry to say that it’s better to go to point TWO of this article right away.)

Also, WRITING will be a monstrous subject if you NEVER write anything in English. A lot of people can read and speak in English, but never try to write a single essay or even a blog post in English. If writing is some alien you’ve never interacted with and you plan to take an IELTS test… Grab. A pen.And. Start.Writing.NOW. You’re gonna need a helluva practice.

In brief, the first step for taking an IELTS test is to know that IELTS is not some child’s play. It’s a serious test that will assess your English in a standard that none should underestimate.

Okay I’ve made a lengthy (and quite angry, probably) sermon in the first step. Now hopefully I’m gonnacut it short and tone it down so you guys don’t yawn or rant to me on twitter.
This second point is actually something related to the first one. If you have done some research on IELTS questions, you should know by now that it is something that requires something a little bit more than just basic English which suffices in a plain conversation.
Long story short, IELTS demands a level which is better than just simple English.
Without sufficient proficiency, I suggest that you’d rather take IELTS so soon.It will be a waste of time and energy and money.
I don’t mean to discourage you, really. Dream big. But there’s a lot of people who dream without some reasonable considerations. Remember, IELTS is only one test that is your FIRST step of going abroad. If you can’t deal with this first step because of your English, living abroad will be significantly more difficult.

Author : Alvin


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