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Choosing IELTS Preparation In Jakarta

Choosing IELTS Preparation In Jakarta

There are plenty of IELTS Preparation Courses in Jakarta and therefore we need to carefully choose which place to learn IELTS Prep from.  There are few criteria to choose from in order for us to decide which place in Jakarta that we want to learn IELTS Preparation. 

  1.  Make sure that the place that we want to learn has the IELTS Test as well. Because it is common sense that if the course where we want to learn IELTS Preparation Course has the IELTS Test conducted at that place, at least they are trusted enough from IELTS to be able to get the license to run the IELTS Test. IELTSJakarta.com has been appointed as one of the IELTS Test Venue since 2009 and we are the first IELTS Test Venue in North Jakarta.
  2.  How long have they run the IELTS Preparation Course. It is undeniable that plenty of Centers for IELTS Prep run the course just in order to gain more income without the intention of focusing to the test takers to get the desired score. They might only have the experience of probably 1-4 years in IELTS. IELTSJakarta.com has been teaching IELTS Preparation since 2005 and we are the ONLY Center that RUNS solely on IELTS Preparation without any other English Courses. This specialization has made IELTSJakarta.com to be really experts in IELTS Preparation Course.
  3. What are the other courses that they run in the center. Many English courses in Jakarta are following the trend in running IELTS Preparation. Whereas at IELTSJakarta.com we are ONLY Running IELTS Preparation and have been running as IELTS Specialists for more than a decade.

Aside from these 3 points that are mentioned, IELTS Test Takers need to really do a survey on the graduates. At IELTSJakarta.com we are giving a guarantee for test takers to achieve the score they desire or they can repeat the whole course for free for a period of a year, where else can anyone give this kind of guarantee?

IELTSJakarta.com also offers you 2 assessment tests to make sure that you progress through out the course that you take with us. First assessment is given in the middle of the course and the last assessment test is given in the end of the course. When you have taken the 2nd assessment test and you are not satisfied with your ielts score, you are entitled to retake the whole course for free for up to 1 year. Even more interesting, after you get the test, and you successfully achieve your desired score, but then you still have plenty of time before your university starts, 

You are welcome to still take some practice tests or learn more with us until you decide that you have learnt enough and its time for you to go to your chosen university. At IELTSJakarta.com we do not only provide the best IELTS Course, we make sure that you get full learning experience and chance to really advance your English before you start your university level. Eventually, we want you to be really fluent in speaking, reading, writing and listening English and will be confident to face the global world. After all, your success in IELTS is the satisfaction of us.

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