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The Best IELTS Preparation

Kami mempunyai Metode dan Sistem yang tepat untuk membantu anda meraih score yang anda inginkan

Unlock The World with IELTS

Sertifikasi IELTS bisa di gunakan di berbagai institusi dan berbagai bidang di seluruh dunia.

Prepare for success with IELTS

Dengan IELTS siap menyongsong kesuksesan masa depan anda di dunia.

IELTS Preparation Terbaik

Kami membantu mempersiapkan diri anda untuk mendapatkan Score yang anda perlukan.

IELTS Preparation Jakarta

IELTS Jakarta membantu anda meraih score IELTS yang tinggi.

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What To Do Before You Sit for an IELTS, Part 2



You’ve done some research about IELTS, then you make some improvements on your General English. Those are one good start. The third step would be something necessary in order to prepare yourself further – mental preparation.
This should involve three factors, which are introspection, determination, and commitment.
INTROSPECTION should be something that you do constantly. Never ever think that your English is good enough for a 7.0 IELTS if you’re only capable of speaking with a stranger on a plane or order a menu in a foreign fast food restaurant.
DETERMINATION is another mental preparation that you should have. Do not lose motivation and reason to improve your English. Keep learning through different discourses. If you have the luxury of having enough time to watch English movies and listen to music in English, Listen to NIKE for a while and “Just. Do. It.”
COMMITMENT, in the end, is one factor that you need to have in learning English. If you’re currently learning English in a course or in some education institutions, make sure that you can discipline yourself to learn more and more about English itself. Aim for a more consistent grammar, a wide range of vocabulary, and a high standard of proficiency.

In brief, set your goals straight and focus your mind on being fluent in English.


Taking an IELTS Prediction Test will also be a helpful preparatory step for you. It is a simulation test which will give you advantages. First, it gives you advantages of familiarity of the situation. By taking an IELTS Prediction test, you will have the foretaste of the real IELTS test so that you’re more prepared to do it. Furthermore, you can take a peek at the typical questions that would appear in the real IELTS Test.

Unfortunately, an IELTS Prediction test will cost some money. If you want a free prediction test, you could look for institutions which provide promotions.

Also, not all education institution provides all IELTS bands in their prediction test. If you need a prediction test which also covers the SPEAKING section, you can contact SpecTa Education. Their offices are available in Pantai Indah Kapuk (North Jakarta), Kelapa Gading (Central Jakarta), and Bintaro (Tangerang, near South Jakarta).


If you wish to obtain deeper comprehension on IELTS with useful tips and tricks along with supervision from eligible teachers, you could find an institution which provides IELTS preparation courses.  With preparation courses, you will be prepared with great materials from different books. Also, you will get a lot of useful tips and tricks from the teachers.
Subjectively speaking, I think IELTS Preparation Course would be beneficial especially in Speaking and Writing, since these two subjects cannot be learned as an autodidact learner. It would be difficult to point out your own mistakes without any feedback from others.
Reading and Listening, although possible to be learned with lots of research, would be subjects in which you could improve faster also with guidance from the teachers. Teachers have the capability in pointing out your bad habits, your constant mistakes, and things you can do to improve your skills in these two bands.

Author : Alvin

What To Do Before You Sit for an IELTS, Part 1


Sitting for an IELTS Test is something that a lot of people around the world want to do. Going abroad, whether it’s for study, holiday, or working, would require this test. However, we have received clients who have absolutely no comprehension about an IELTS test. Well, believe it or not, this could affect your IELTS result. This is why we recommend you to do a few things before taking an IELTS Test.


Alright, one of the most common mistakes of a person who wants to take IELTS is that this guy has no knowledge about an IELTS Test. Lots of people have taken other English Tests, and they assume that all tests are the same.
Bad news, folks. They are NOT the same.
I honestly find it quite irritating that some na├»ve speak about IELTS in their bravado, claiming that “IELTS is easy”. If you are thinking the same way to, I can assume you have not taken an IELTS test or learned enough information about IELTS.

To begin with, IELTS is quite similar to other tests. It assesses your capabilities in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. What makes IELTS (Academic Module) so special is that unfortunately it does not only assess your English, but also your critical thinking. If you only aim for 5.5 – 6.0 band, some basic English with properproficiency and lexical resources would take you there. (Yes, I put emphasis on the word proper since a LOT of people think that their English is already proper, but actually it is NOT. This will bring us to point three later on). Nonetheless, if you are planning to take a Master’s Degree, especially in top universities in UK, they require you to have 7.0 -7.5, and this is where the hard part comes in.

In my personal opinion as an IELTS Trainer, if you want to achieve band at least 7.0, the greatest obstacle for most people should be the reading, writing, and speaking, and I want to focus on the reading part.

READING is gonna be a nightmare if your English is just merely sufficient. It assesses your English as well as your critical thinking. Ask any IELTS test takers or buy any books about IELTS and you’ll find the reading part will require you to check the truth. There’s a part in which you need to determine whether a statement is TRUE, FALSE, or NOT GIVEN. And these statements are sometimes paraphrased from the IMPLIED meaning within the passage.
(Correction, they use paraphrasing for almost ALL of the questions. So if your vocabulary is only sufficient for basic conversation, I am really sorry to say that it’s better to go to point TWO of this article right away.)

Also, WRITING will be a monstrous subject if you NEVER write anything in English. A lot of people can read and speak in English, but never try to write a single essay or even a blog post in English. If writing is some alien you’ve never interacted with and you plan to take an IELTS test… Grab. A pen.And. Start.Writing.NOW. You’re gonna need a helluva practice.

In brief, the first step for taking an IELTS test is to know that IELTS is not some child’s play. It’s a serious test that will assess your English in a standard that none should underestimate.

Okay I’ve made a lengthy (and quite angry, probably) sermon in the first step. Now hopefully I’m gonnacut it short and tone it down so you guys don’t yawn or rant to me on twitter.
This second point is actually something related to the first one. If you have done some research on IELTS questions, you should know by now that it is something that requires something a little bit more than just basic English which suffices in a plain conversation.
Long story short, IELTS demands a level which is better than just simple English.
Without sufficient proficiency, I suggest that you’d rather take IELTS so soon.It will be a waste of time and energy and money.
I don’t mean to discourage you, really. Dream big. But there’s a lot of people who dream without some reasonable considerations. Remember, IELTS is only one test that is your FIRST step of going abroad. If you can’t deal with this first step because of your English, living abroad will be significantly more difficult.

Author : Alvin

Choosing IELTS Preparation In Jakarta

Choosing IELTS Preparation In Jakarta

There are plenty of IELTS Preparation Courses in Jakarta and therefore we need to carefully choose which place to learn IELTS Prep from.  There are few criteria to choose from in order for us to decide which place in Jakarta that we want to learn IELTS Preparation. 

  1.  Make sure that the place that we want to learn has the IELTS Test as well. Because it is common sense that if the course where we want to learn IELTS Preparation Course has the IELTS Test conducted at that place, at least they are trusted enough from IELTS to be able to get the license to run the IELTS Test. IELTSJakarta.com has been appointed as one of the IELTS Test Venue since 2009 and we are the first IELTS Test Venue in North Jakarta.
  2.  How long have they run the IELTS Preparation Course. It is undeniable that plenty of Centers for IELTS Prep run the course just in order to gain more income without the intention of focusing to the test takers to get the desired score. They might only have the experience of probably 1-4 years in IELTS. IELTSJakarta.com has been teaching IELTS Preparation since 2005 and we are the ONLY Center that RUNS solely on IELTS Preparation without any other English Courses. This specialization has made IELTSJakarta.com to be really experts in IELTS Preparation Course.
  3. What are the other courses that they run in the center. Many English courses in Jakarta are following the trend in running IELTS Preparation. Whereas at IELTSJakarta.com we are ONLY Running IELTS Preparation and have been running as IELTS Specialists for more than a decade.

Aside from these 3 points that are mentioned, IELTS Test Takers need to really do a survey on the graduates. At IELTSJakarta.com we are giving a guarantee for test takers to achieve the score they desire or they can repeat the whole course for free for a period of a year, where else can anyone give this kind of guarantee?

IELTSJakarta.com also offers you 2 assessment tests to make sure that you progress through out the course that you take with us. First assessment is given in the middle of the course and the last assessment test is given in the end of the course. When you have taken the 2nd assessment test and you are not satisfied with your ielts score, you are entitled to retake the whole course for free for up to 1 year. Even more interesting, after you get the test, and you successfully achieve your desired score, but then you still have plenty of time before your university starts, 

You are welcome to still take some practice tests or learn more with us until you decide that you have learnt enough and its time for you to go to your chosen university. At IELTSJakarta.com we do not only provide the best IELTS Course, we make sure that you get full learning experience and chance to really advance your English before you start your university level. Eventually, we want you to be really fluent in speaking, reading, writing and listening English and will be confident to face the global world. After all, your success in IELTS is the satisfaction of us.

Author : HT

Is Mumbling Acceptable for IELTS Speaking?

Is Mumbling Acceptable for IELTS Speaking?

There are many people who have asked us whether mumbling is actually acceptable in regards of successfully nailing the IELTS speaking interview. We fundamentally believes that mumbling is completely unacceptable because it prevents the interviewer from hearing a clear voice and it actually might instigate the said interviewer to feel confused and unappreciated, regardless the quality of the interviewee’s answers.   

When people speak in general, they are expected by the audience to voice out coherent words to be thoroughly understood. When it comes to IELTS, such requirement is even more emphasized especially when applicants would like to pass the IELTS score with flying colors. Please imagine you yourself asking interview questions and having the interviewee mumbling their words as the answers and www.IELTSJakarta.com with our program of IELTS Preparation could envision that type of predicament to be terribly uncomfortable and disconcerting. 

It is profoundly wise for applicants to answer the IELTS speaking interview with a comprehensible voice and understandable words, to put it in a very simple way, applicants need to be well-spoken. It is quite obvious that every person has different levels of fluency and some are more advanced than the others, that is why it is very important to take your time in speaking and answering, that means we should try our hardest to speak as clear and fluent as possible without feeling rushed. It is noticeable that more often than not, some applicants think that fluency equals speed so they always try to speak as fast as possible to be considered fluent. The truth is, such thought is unfortunately and eloquently incorrect.

The IELTS preparation in www.IELTSJakarta.com teaches every student to have the highest understanding of IELTS with the vision and purpose of having those pupils to excel in terms of IELTS score. We also guide the students to always have better and deeper knowledge of the speaking interview questions so that they would be more than capable in answering the said questions with little to no effort at all and as fluent as possible while maintaining the skills and quality consistently.

Author : MK

I Got 7, This is My Story...

Ketika memutuskan untuk melanjutkan studi ke luar negeri, saya langsung berpikir IELTS adalah hal paling utama yang harus saya persiapkan. Alasannya adalah studi yang akan saya tempuh bukanlah bachelor’s degree, tetapi PhD atau doktoral, sehingga, berbekal ilmu dari Teknik Kimia ITB, pengetahuan dasar akan jurusan yang saya tuju sudah saya kuasai. Jadi, IELTS merupakan satu-satunya hal yang membuat saya deg-degan. 

Thank God, setelah browsing beberapa menit tentang lembaga penyedia les IELTS yang paling quality-quaranteed, nama ieltsjakarta.com muncul, Ternyata ieltsjakarta.com merupakan bagian SpecTa Education yang saya tahu juga sebagai konsultan pendidikan luar negeri.  Dan, benarlah, 3 bulan adalah waktu yang cukup bagi saya untuk meguasai materi IELTS yang saya dapat dari IELTS preparation ieltsjakarta.com. Pertama kali saya menginjakkan kaki ke SpecTa, tempatnya nyaman, staffnya ramah-ramah, dan murid-muridnya ramai. Berbeda dengan tempat kursus kebanyakan, SpecTa cabang Pantai Indah Kapuk ini berlokasi di perumahan. Gedungnya berbentuk rumah yang dialih-fungsikan menjadi tempat kursus. IELTS trainers-nya kompeten dan education counselors-nya beyond friendly; mereka bisa dijadikan tempat curhat, bahkan teman hang-out. Ini membuat 7-8 jam saya tiap minggunya berarti, dan tentunya, tidak monoton. Pokoknya berhasil deh, membuat hari-hari intensif IELTS preparation jadi menyenangkan.

Sementara itu, hari tes IELTS semakin mendekat. Seminggu sebelum tes, hampir setiap hari saya hadir ke SpecTa untuk latihan Writing (re: Writing adalah band yang paling membuat saya cemas). Saya pun datang ke SpecTa Kelapa Gading, karena selain sebagai tempat preparation ielts, ieltsjakarta atau SpecTa Education juga merupakan IELTS test center untuk ielts international test.  dengan berbekal keberanian dan hasil belajar IELTS prep. Ternyata, waktu tunggu untuk interview atau Speaking test cukup lama dan ini malah semakin membuat saya gugup. Untungnya, Reading dan Listening cukup membuat saya yakin dengan hasil yang akan saya dapat. 
Setelah semua tes selesai, dalam hati saya lega. Saya tidak begitu khawatir dengan hasilnya karena saya percaya masa pembelajaran di ieltsjakarta sudah mantap sehingga bisa membuat saya lulus target nilai. Hanya saja, yang agak membuat saya wondering adalah Speaking dan Writing, yang penilaiannya bisa dikatakan bersifat subjektif.

Akhirnya, hasil tes pun keluar setelah 2 minggu menunggu. Dan tanpa diduga, saya bisa memperoleh score 6.5 dalam Writing. Nilai ini jauh meningkat dari hasil EPT saya sebelum mengikuti preparation ielts di ieltsjakarta atau specta education yang sebesar 5.0 saja. Nilai Listening dan Speaking yang saya peroleh juga 6.5, sementara Reading adalah yang tertinggi, yaitu sebesar 7.5.

Oleh karena itu, saya kira tanpa IELTS Prep akan sulit untuk meningkatkan nilai saya terutama dalam Writing dan Speaking. Sebab, selain teknis, kemampuan interpersonal juga akan menunjang kesuksesan kita. Diantara semua subjek, bagian dari IELTS preparation yang paling berkesan adalah Writing. Saya benar-benar merasakan hasil pelatihan IELTS terutama dalam teknis penyajian main idea untuk menghasilkan tulisan yang terstruktur dalam waktu singkat. 

Dengan hasil IELTS cemerlang (re: overall 7.0), saya lebih percaya diri untuk melanjutkan proses aplikasi karena semua nilai sudah memenuhi bahkan melampaui standar universitas yang saya tuju, yaitu University of South Wales (UNSW). Tips terakhir dari saya untuk kalian yang ingin ambil IELTS test: latihan yang cukup dan berdoa yang banyak, ya. Have the best of luck! J

Ikuti Tips Singkat IELTS Reading Berikut Agar Anda Meraih Score Tinggi !

Jika anda Merasa Kesulitan dengan IELTS tes, terutama pada bagian READING dan memerlukan bantuan atau tips pada IELTS 'Reading' Section atau anda sedang mencari cara untuk meningkatkan nilai IELTS 'reading' anda, postingan berikut ini sangat pas untuk dibaca , sehingga akan menambah pengetahuan anda tentang ielts reading section. Cukup sering pada IELTSjakarta.com kami publikasikan saran dan tips untuk peserta tes yang bertujuan untuk membantu meningkatkan ‘band score’ dan banyak dari mereka menyebutkan artikel di IELTSjakarta.com bermanfaat dalam meningkatkan kemampuan mereka. Jadi artikel berikut memberikan kesempatan bagi anda untuk membaca dan belajar trik baru pada waktu yang bersamaan.

Membaca petunjuk yang disediakan secara menyeluruh dibagian awal soal tentu sangat penting. Pastikan bahwa anda memahami pertanyaan dan mengikuti petunjuk dengan hati hati untuk memastikan anda tidak kehilangan nilai hanya karena anda menjawab pertanyaan tidak sesuai dengan petunjuk tersebut.

Garis bawahi atau lingkari setiap kata kunci sebanyak dan seefektif mungkin. Ini akan mempersingkat waktu ‘scanning’ anda. 

Jika ada kata yang anda tidak ketahui artinya, anda dapat menebak arti kata tersebut  dengan menafsirkan makna dari frasa atau kalimat.

Berhati hatilah dalam penggunaan kata tunggal dan jamak. Ejaan dan tata bahasa juga sangat perlu anda perhatikan dengan lebih seksama.

Perhatikan batas kata yang dibutuhkan dalam menjawab. Misalnya, jika anda diminta untuk melengkapi kalimat menggunakan tidak lebih dari tiga kata, jika jawaban yang benar adalah ‘wooden round table’ jawaban ‘a wooden round table’ akan menjadi salah.

Jawablah semua soal yang tersedia, tidak ada hukuman atau pengurangan nilai untuk jawaban yang salah, sehingga anda tidak akan rugi.

Tidak ada jalan pintas selain banyak latihan dan bekerja keras untuk bisa mendapatkan hasil yang baik dalam IELTS. Semoga bermanfaat dan selamat mencoba.

Jika ada pertanyaan seputar IELTS Silahkan hubungi kami untuk penjelasan lebih lanjut. Anda bisa  Konsultasi dengan tutor kami yang sudah berpengalaman dengan IELTS.

Testimonial Peserta IELTS Preparation di IELTSJakarta.com

Sebagai salah satu lembaga terdepan yang mempunyai program les ielts atau ielts preparation di Jakarta. IELTSJakarta.com yang merupakan bagian dari SpecTa Education Group. Telah Banyak membantu ribuan orang untuk mendapatkan score ielts yang mereka butuhkan. Hal ini tidak terlepas dari tenaga pengajar kami yang mempunyai kompetensi  cukup baik dalam mengajarkan materi ielts dengan penuh dedikasi dan kesabaran membimbing mereka yang sedang belajar atau mengikuti ielts preparation di tempat kami. Selain tenaga pengajar yang berpengalaman ieltsjakarta juga mempunyai sistem atau metode yang sudah terbukti dalam membantu mereka mencapai score ielts yang diinginkan. Waktu Belajar yang fleksibel serta didukung oleh material yang lebih dari cukup baik dari segi jumlah maupun dari segi kualitas materi yang selalu kami update.

Mereka yang sedang mengikuti ielts preparation di tempat kami datang dari berbagai latar belakang pendidikan maupun profesi. Mulai dari anak SMA, ada juga S1, S2 maupun yang mengambil program S3. Dengan sistem dan metode kami yang sudah terbukti, apapun latar belakang pendidikan serta profesi anda. Kami pastikan anda bisa menerima materi ielts yang kami berikan dengan baik.
Berikut beberapa testimonial dari mereka yang telah belajar ielts di tempat kami.

Gambar di samping menunjukan bahwa untuk mendapatkan score overall 7.0 Bahkan 8,5 untuk Listening dan Reading 7,5 bukan lah hal yang mustahil. Dengan Metode yang tepat serta dengan tutor pembimbing yang bisa mengerti kemampuan setiap anak didik, nilai maksimal bukanlah hal mustahil.

Testimonial disamping merupakan hasil dari murid kami yang mempunyai tujuan untuk mendaftar di NTU Singapore. Dengan mendapatkan score IELS overall 7,5
Dan bisa membuat bangga diri sendiri dan orang tua tentunya. Dengan sistem dan metode yang tepat, setiap anak bisa mengeluarkan kemampuan terbaiknya.

Testimonial di samping adalah hasil dari siswa kami yang bernama Jovan. Mengikuti ielts preparation course dengan tujuan untuk mendaftar kuliah di University of Western Australia, Perth. Dengan target 6,5 . Namun hasil yang di dapat jauh lebih baik dibandingkan target awal.
Berhasil meraih score overall 8.0
Dengan score Listening 9.0 
Hal ini juga menunjukan bahwa score tertinggi pun bisa kita raih !

Testimonial di samping kiri tulisan ini merupakan hasil test dari murid kami yang bernama Jose. Berhasil meraih Score Overall 7.5
Dengan score Reading 9.0 
Bagi sebagian besar orang mungkin itu sesuatu hal yang mustahil untuk mendapatkan score 9.0 Namun dengan metode belajar yang tepat , tentunya semua menjadi mungkin !

Dengan score 7.0 tentunya lebih dari cukup, testimonial dari murid kami bernama Evelyn dengan target awal 6.5. Ternyata bisa meraih score Overall 7.0 . Tentunya akan lebih bangga dan puas !

Berikut juga testimonial dari student kita yang berhasil mendapatkan score IELTS 7.0 Dimana melebihi ekpetasi target awal yang hanya 6.5

Di samping testimonial student 
dengan score ielts overall 7.0

Testimonial dengan hasil ielts 7.0
disamping di dapat oleh student kita yang bernama Jessica.

Testimonial di samping juga dari student kita yang mendapat 
score 7.0

Tips IELTS Speaking Terbaru 2016

Tips and Tricks for IELTS Preparation especially in Speaking Section:

As we all know, speaking section is one of the 4 bands being tested in IELTS. Anyone who would like to sit for IELTS Test will have to go through the whole 4 sections of the test to be awarded the certificate of IELTS.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to make sure that you are mastering all 4 bands of the test. In this opportunity, IELTSJakarta.com would like to share on how to score higher mark in Speaking. In IELTS Speaking test, you will be tested on your pronunciation, vocabularies chosen, the way you are answering the questions, and also the fluency.

IELTSJakarta.com has seen plenty of students failed the speaking even though they all had great grammar skill, fancy vocabularies, but then the fluency of using all those skills were basically weak and these students were not really confidence as well in communicating in English. Eventually, instead of scoring 6.5 or 7.0 they could only score 5.5 to 6.0. 

This is the reason why IELTSJakarta.com believe that we should share our secret to those people out there who are struggling in scoring IELTS Speaking Test. First of all, let’s see the 3 sections of Speaking Test in IELTS;

1.      Introductory questions:
          #  The examiner will be asking questions about your name, age, home address, school, etc.
# The best way of answering these questions is of course to show your enthusiasm and confidence in communicating in English and to make sure that you are able to speak fluently and lastly, make sure that you do not answer in one or two words only. For example;
“what is your name”
be sure to answer your full name and followed by the name you would like to be called “my name is John Smith, but you can call me John”
answering one or two words when you are being asked shows that you do not have the skill of communicating and perhaps lack of vocabularies.
2.      Section Two
     # in section 2, you will be given a card consists of a statement and followed by several questions connected to the statement
for example;
“Describe the best gift you have ever had in your life so far”
+ who gave you the gift and when
+ why do you like it
+ what was the gift

Now, instead of focusing on answering the questions as in you are having an interview, it would be better if you could create a story that covers up the whole questions being asked. At IELTSJakarta.com we always assure our students to plan the answer properly.
IELTSJakarta.com always suggests students to do a short introduction before answering the questions during our ielts preparation course. The best example to the questions above would be something like this;
“there are plenty of gifts that I have received every since I was a kid, but to choose the best gift, for me would be a watch that was given to me when I graduated from high school from my brother. I remember that day after graduation of high school, it was in the evening when he walked into my room and presented me a small box covered by newspapers and he said “congratulations, you are now a big guy and have to start thinking of responsibility” I opened the box up and it was a watch. It was a stainless steel Tag Heuer Watch with a beautiful steel chain. I was really surprised that he knew I loved that watch. I mean I had been wanting that watch but I did not know he would have noticed, you know. Then even before he left my room, he said this little thing that was so touching “I believe this watch can represent your responsibility of your time and discipline” well, it was back in 1996 and guess what, I still have that watch working perfectly and sometime I still wear it. I guess that is why this gift could be considered as the best gift I have received so far”

This is one of the tips that IELTSJakarta would like to share with you and during our IELTS Preparation Courses, we make sure that students master this skill and give them a lot of practices to assure they will get used to of the tips when they are sitting for the real IELTS Test. Hope it helps you and if you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us or you are welcome to join with thousand of students who have successfully passed their IELTS Test with IELTSJakarta.com ielts preparation course.

Les Preparation IELTS di Jakarta

Why Do IELTS Preparation Courses Important?
Standing for International English Language Testing System, IELTS is the most universally acclaimed language proficiency test for education-or-work-related applications. A high demand means a high number of test-takers as well, and this testing system has arrived at 2.5 million annually. Whether you intent to continue studying abroad, plan to acquire a permanent residency in another country, or simply want to put your curiosity for language proficiency at bay, an adept IELTS result is what you need.

However, rumor has it, this particular test is not that easy to ace. Most of the time, even though you already feel that your English skills areswell, it does not guarantee that your result will exactly be as high as what you think it will be. Therefore, joining a few classes of IELTS preparations in advance seems to be the perfect option. Of course, you can also learn and practice from an abundance of educational websites freelyflaunting at the World Wide Web to discuss IELTS, but the fact is more complex than that. IELTS preparation classes are important because of several reasons.
First, IELTS is tremendously faithful to structure. Like every other English proficiency test, this testing system is divided into four subjects, which are Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking.Truth be told, Reading and Listening are the two easiest subjects to work on due to its familiar structure. The test type for these two has the answering form of multiple choices, similar to the other English proficiency test, such as TOEFL and TOEIC.Meanwhile, you might find it difficult to succeed in Writing and Speaking. They have their own particular structures, so IELTS preparation courses are there to guide you mastering the tips and tricks.
Secondly, more often than nature, nurture is the key to IELTS success. There are plenty of IELTS learning centers which have been in the field for a long period of time, so their preparation classes will provide students with a complete set of test materials. Moreover, if you do not belong to the countries where IELTS initially originates, you can meet IELTS trainers with certified qualifications at just a few steps away from your house. Their IELTS preparation classes are definitely top-notch. Thus, practicing with the vast amount of materials in various difficulty levels while guided by the competent instructors will deliver you to excellence.
Why IELTS Jakarta then?
We provide ample services to satisfy your needs. IELTS learning centersaiming to serve multiple purposes is a rare case. In IELTS Jakarta, aside from IELTS preparation classes, we also cater to most learners’ necessity for an education hub, or specificconsultations to help students choosing their paths after they graduate school. IELTS Jakarta has found that most learners decide to take IELTS test as a gate for them to enter their dream universities; be it local or international. Keeping this in mind, IELTS Jakarta offers you not only the most eligible IELTS preparation courses, but we also enable you to share and discuss about anything of your concern. Making this specialty free of charge, it is our utmost desire to ensure your future. Henceforth, IELTS Jakarta will give you the best we can do.

Source: www.ielts.org

Ini Pentingnya IELTS Preparation Bagi Anda

IELTS Preparation dan Manfaatnya
Halo, semua! Kalau kamu sedang membuka artikel ini, itu artinya kamu ingin join IELTS preparation, kan? Atau malah sudah bergabung dengan salah satu penyedia jasa IELTS preparation di Jakarta? Yang manapun kamu, kamu gak akan nyesel sudah buka artikel IELTSJakarta.com ini. Karena di sini, kami akan buka-bukan tentang semua tips and tricks tes IELTS. Akan tetapi, sebelum mengetahui tips and tricks IELTS preparation, ada baiknya kita tilik guna dan manfaat join IELTS preparation.

IELTS preparation, atau yang biasa disebut dengan les IELTS, adalah hal penting yang harus diperhatikan oleh kamu-kamu yang ingin pergi atau belajar keluar negeri, atau bahasa fancy-nya, study abroad. Studi di UK, atau di negara impian yang lainnya, memerlukan persiapan yang matang. Language competency (IELTS, TOEFL, dan lain lain) termasuk ke dalam hal krusial yang menentukan diterima atau tidaknya seseorang ke suatu universitas di luar negri. 

Selain itu, bagi yang sudah apply study abroad ke universitas luar biasanya akan dikirimkan conditional offer apabila student sudah 70% diterima karena nilai-nilainya yang sudah memenuhi syarat, tetapi belum memberikan hasil language test-nya, seperti IELTS ataupun TOEFL. Jadi, IELTS merupakan hal wajib bila ingin studi di luar negri, berupaya untuk permanent residence (PR), ataupun bekerja.
Sementara itu, IELTS tidaklah mudah untuk ditaklukkan. Kemampuan Bahasa Inggris yang memadai atau nilai rapor sekolah 9 di subjek Bahasa Inggris bukan jaminan bisa mendapatkan nilai tes IELTS bagus yang sesuai dengan harapan. Padahal, biasanya calon murid internasional membutuhkan IELTS score sebesar 6 hingga 7 jikalau mereka ingin studi di Amerika, Eropa, Singapura, Malaysia, dan negara lainnya. Nah, sebelum kepala pusing takut ga diterima studi di UK atau US, jangan khawatir dulu teman-teman. Ada lembaga penyedia IELTS preparation yang dengan senang hati membantumu.
Saat kamu les IELTS atau ikut kelas IELTS preparation, kamu akan merasakan benefits atau manfaat sebagai berikut:
1. Terbiasa dan paham betul soal-soal IELTS
2. Dibimbing khusus oleh IELTS trainer handal yang sudah tau trik jitu IELTS
3. Dapat konsultasi mengenai studi ke luar negeri (sangat berguna bagi kamu yang belum tahu mau ke mana dan ambil jurusan apa)
4. Menambah skill atau pengetahuan yang tidak hanya seputar IELTS, tapi juga bahasa Inggris in general, social skills, dan communication skills
Jadi, sangatlah penting dan banyak manfaatnya kalau kamu join IELTS preparation atau les IELTS sebelum kamu terjun ke tes IELTS yang sesungguhnya. Kamu bisa bertemu dengan teman-teman baru, bertukar pikiran dengan IELTS trainer handal, dan mendapatkan informasi tentang study abroad. Cool, kan?

Tips Terbaru IELTS Writing Task 2

Tips Terbaru IELTS Writing Task 2

IELTS merupakan salah satu tes yang di anggap sulit buat banyak anak-anak Indonesia.Bahkan banyak diantara mereka yang harus mengulang beberapa kali les ielts hingga beberapa kali tes ielts hanya untuk mendapatkan hasil yang mereka nginkan.Padahal untuk mendapatkan nilai yang kita inginkan di IELTS, bukanlah sesuatu hal yang sulit dan menakutkan. Kita hanya perlu tahu tips dan tricks untuk mampu melakukan dengan baik test ielts tersebut. Maka dari itu, sangatlah penting untuk anda mendapatkan ielts preparation atau les ielts yang benar benar mampu membantu anda untuk mendapatkan nilai ielts yang anda inginkan.

Untuk kali ini, IELTSJakarta.com akan memberikan tips untuk writing task 2 sehingga anda lebih mengerti bagaimana mengerjakan ielts writing task 2 agar anda mampu mendapatkan nilai yang baik buat ielts writing anda. Hal pertama yang perlu di perhatikan adalah, dalam ielts writing, akan lebih baik jika anda mampu menulis minimal 4 paragraf atau maksimal 5 paragraf dalam 1 essay.

Tentu saja paragraf pertama adalah introduction: untuk menbuat introduction yang benar, anda harus tahu bahwa introduction bisa juga disebut dengan paragraf pembuka, maka anda perlu membuat paragraf pembuka yang berisi tentang apa yang ingin anda tuliskan kedalam writing anda.

Untuk edisi kali ini, kita akan membahas bagaimana membuat introduction yang benar sehingga anda mampu mendapatkan nilai ielts writing minimal 6.0, pembahasan berikutnya tentang isi akan kami jabarkan di lain kesempatan.

Contoh, jika contoh soal adalah, “the most important thing in life is family” do you agree or disagree?

Maka introduction yang tepat harus di uraikan sebagai berikut:
  • Common thing about the topic
  • Getting in to the topic
  • Your opinion about the topic
  • Connecting sentence to the next paragraph

It is true that “blood is thicker than water”, the expression basically shows us that family will always be the closest people to live with. We all know that wecannot choose our parents and as well as siblings. These people are the one who werechosen for us ever since we were born. It is very crucial to understand that they are and they will always be supporting you and stand by your side no matter what happens. Therefore, the relationship among family will have to be honored and appreciated to create a peaceful and unconditional love in the family member.