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How to Prepare an IELTS Writing Task 1

How to Prepare an IELTS Writing Task 1

IELTS stands for international English language testing system and it consists of four components, which are, writing, listening, reading and speaking. IELTS writing has two sections and they are officially called task 1 and task 2. This particular segment of article is going to dwell more in the task 1 zone.

IELTS Writing Task 1 literally counts for the 30% of the total writing score and lasts for 20 minutes time. Participants are only allowed to write minimum 150 words, but they have to keep reminding themselves to write less than 180 words. This task is all about tables, diagraphs and histogram. It is never about the opinion of the writers. Thus, it is mandatory for contenders to write about the facts based on the record that’s been given.

Every candidate needs to know that task 1 does not require writing-formula, introduction and conclusion. Candidates must read through and comprehend the appointed charts. It is obligatory to put every necessary figure into complete essay writing. Meanwhile, it is best to avoid repetition by any means necessary while writing it. 

The most pivotal part of this writing is to initiate the composition by rewording the given title and expressing it with different words. For example, if the give title was “The graph shows the different modes of transport used to travel to and from work in one American city in 1940, 1960 and 1980.” I would rephrase the title to “The given chart displays the divergent methods of vehicle in purpose of commuting in a particular American urban area in the years of 1940, 1960 and 1980.”

My own personal suggestion for the participants is to always use the same English tense system. If we start writing with the simple present tense then finish writing it with the simple present tense.


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