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How to Prepare For an IELTS Reading Test

How to Prepare For an IELTS Reading Test

IELTS stands for international English language testing system and it consists of four components, which are, writing, listening, reading and speaking. This time, I would like to indulge more in the reading segment. In my most humble opinion, reading is the most difficult one among the four segments of IELTS. Reading demands every contender to be precise and detail-oriented in every part, even if it's only reading the rules and regulation.

First and foremost, participants are compelled to thoroughly read every instruction there is. When a particular instruction to answer certain questions, has been stated on the test paper, then it is necessary for everyone to follow through. Read the given instructions providently because we simply cannot afford to make a mistake in that area.

A significant skill for reading segment that every contender needs to acquire is the willingness to underline every keyword there is. It is correct to assume that the underline skill that one needs to possess in the reading segment is basically the same skill for the listening segment, though one must realize that all the keywords in the reading segment are located in two areas and those are the question and the passage sections.

Reading segment allows participants to undergo the test in one hour. Therefore, one should note that it is of paramount importance for every participant to read through the passage before they even begin to address the question. The two tactics for every participant must maintain for the reading segment are the skim and the scan. The skim is the ability to understand a whole paragraph in a simple quick read. Meanwhile, the scan is the ability to read through sentence by sentence. Both styles need to be performed swiftly in order to make it in time. It is advisable to use both two methods subsequently while simultaneously underlining the keywords.


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