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How to Prepare an IELTS Listening Test

How to Prepare an IELTS Listening Test. IELTS stands for international English language testing system and it consists of four components, which are, writing, listening, reading and speaking. Right now, I would like to discuss more about the listening segment. Personally, I believe that the segment of listening is somewhat easy yet confusing. It is easy because as long as the candidates really pay attention to the audio, they can easily get the correct answers. It is also confusing because every speaker in the given audio does not always have the same voice, tone or accent, and for some students, especially the international ones, it can be quite difficult for them to comprehend what the speaker is talking about.
First and foremost, I would like to inform that IELTS listening has four sections and more often than not, they are in the structures of multiple choice, map, table or form, and summary.
When a contender enters the examination room, he or she must be prepared to concentrate their brain and hearing. This is not only for the audio itself because most of the time, the examiner might give candidates rules and regulation that they need to adhere to. Never wander nor dwell because these two reasons will inhibit the participants’ performance while taking the test.
The first task that candidates have to do after the listening papers have been distributed is to read all the instructions provided. After that, it is a must for every candidate to understand the questions and information given. Candidates are advisable to underline and know every key word they can find because keywords are the words that will help them to find possible answers. Candidates are also encouraged to predict every potential answer between questions or fill in the blanks. It is also very important for them to recognize the paraphrases, because there will be a lot of words, phrases and sentences that have the same meanings but when one breaks it down, those words might be foreign to beginners. In order to excel this listening examination, focusing minds and ears is a duty every contender must perform.


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