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IELTS Preparation Module
IELTS Preparation 80 hours – Regular Program
The 80 hours course is designed for those who gained a little English through their formal education, and it will help students to have an easier understanding on how to prepare for the IELTS test.
The Program covers Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking lessons. There is also an additional Grammar class for students who still require grammar lesson as part of the program. After the completion of the program, students also able to practice up to 1 year for FREE.
IELTS Focus Program (Advanced)
The advanced course is designed for those students who are familiar with English, and have a good level of grammar but still have difficulties in certain parts of IELTS bands.
• Focus 10 hours (1 band) (L / R / W / S)
• Focus 20 hours (2 bands) (L & S / R & W)
• Focus 30 hours (3 bands) ( L, R, W / R, W, S )
*L:listening; R:reading; W:writing S:speaking
Private Course Program
IELTS JAKARTA also offers private classes for those who want to have intensive classes or more private one on one
IELTS Preparation Schedule
• Monday – Friday at 4pm to 9pm
• Saturday at 10am to 3pm
How to Apply
Students will need to take the English Placement Test (EPT) to determine which level of English is most suitable for them.
Placement testing is available at IELTS JAKARTA on Monday - Thursday at 10.00 – 18.00 and Saturday at 10.00 – 13.00. The cost of the EPT is Rp. 250.000,- on site and Rp. 150.000,- Online Test

For More info Please Call
Telp. 021 5698 3653 ( Pantai Indah Kapuk)
         021 450 6936   ( Kelapa Gading )
Whatsapp / sms ke0819 668 278 

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