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IELTS Prediction in BPK Penabur Sentul

IELTS Jakarta is a credible institution that provide IELTS simulation test. Based on our post experiences, our simulation results vary plus minus 0.5 from the actual test result. We make sure that the quality of our test speciment is at middle standard difficulty compared to the official International IELTS. For companies that intend to take this test in group, the arrangement of test schedule, mechanism, and location are flexible based on the request from your corporate.

In this article, IELTS Jakarta will share our experience in conducting IELTS simulation test in BPK Penabur Sentul. The test was conducted on 20th June 2016, and the purpose of the test was to evaluate teachers and staff capability to communicate in English. This event was a success, with 95% of attendees out of 90 registered participants. Two weeks after the test took place, the results were distributed to school and staff. We then compared these results with their official test last year, and the differences are still in between 0.5 range.

BPK Penabur Sentul is one among many of our customers that plan to conduct regular IELTS prediction test every year as part of their appraisal evaluation program. Many schools, universities and educational institution have trusted IELTS Jakarta in conducting IELTS Prediction Test and Workshop for staff and students. We always feel glad to meet new partner, build connection and learn how IELTS evaluation benefits them in improving their performances.

If you have any interest to conduct prediction test in your site with minimum 40 participants, please contact us. We will be pleased to support your needs and give you objective explainations about the quality of your active and passive communication skill in English.

Have a nice day :)

IELTS Jakarta

How is Listening Test in IELTS Conducted?

The IELTS Listening Test is the same for both Academic and General Training candidates. Typically, it has two dialogues and two monologues which will be played only once for approximately 30 minutes. Pauses are included to allow the candidates to read the questions and check their answers. Afterwards, the candidates will have 10 minutes to transfer the answers to the answer sheet. 

There are several types of questions with a total of 40 questions in four sections. 
Short answer
Sentence completion
Table/form/note/summary/flow-chart completion
Labelling a diagram/plan/map

The IELTS Listening Module contains a combination of some or all of the listed types. The level of complexity increases throughout the test, where Section 1 is the easiest and Section 4 is the most difficult section of the test.

 IELTS Listening would assess the candidate’s skills on listening for and identifying the gist of specific factual information, speaker roles, main ideas and the relationship between the pieces of information conveyed by the speaker, such as: causes and effects, order of events and comparison. Following directions and instructions, identifying details of numbers, dates and time will also included in it.

The candidates will receive a band score depending on how many correct answers. Ranging from 0 to 9, the score can be reported in whole or half band scores, e.g. 7.5 or 8.0.

Basic Explanation of Subject and Verb Agreement

Some say that the most challenging part of IELTS Test is the IELTS Writing Test that consists of two Tasks. It really deals a lot with Grammar since it is the first and very crucial component of your writing. The most common mistake of Grammar that IELTS Test Takers always produce is Subject-Verb Agreement. The following mistake examples are taken from the some practice tests in the class:

“The diagram show how big the population in Someland”
“Giving all the food to all the children are really encouraged”
“The only reason that the members of the House gave for the people were not accepted”.

Let’s discuss what Agreement between subject and verb actually is. The following illustrations are only the fundamental brief and there will be another article that will expand further.

A. First, if a sentence has a singular subject it is followed by a singular verb, and if it has a plural one then it is followed by a plural verb; that is, the verb agrees with the subject. Compare:

  • She lives in China. 
  • More people live in Asia than in any other continent.

When the subject of the sentence is complex, the following verb must agree with the main noun in the subject. In the examples below, the subject is underlined and the main noun is circled. Notice how the verb, in italics, agrees with the main noun:

  • Many leading members of the opposition party have criticized the delay.
  • The only excuse that he gave for his actions was that he was tired.

The verb must agree with the subject when the subject follows the verb:

  • Among the people invited was the mayor. (compare The mayor was among…)
  • Displayed on the board were the exam results. (compare The exam results were displayed…)

B. Next, if the subject is a clause, we usually use a singular verb:

  • To keep these young people in prison is inhuman.
  • Having overall responsibility for the course means that I have a lot of meetings.
  • Whoever took them remains a mystery.
  • That Rangers won both matches was a great achievement.

However, if we use a what-clause as subject, we use a singular verb if the following main noun is singular, and either a singular or plural verb if the following main noun is plural (although a plural verb is preferred in more formal contexts):

  • What worries us is the poor selection process.
  • What is needed are additional resources.

C. Some nouns with a singular form, referring to groups of some kind, can be used with either a singular or plural form of the verb:

  • The council has (or have) postponed a decision on the new road.

We use a singular verb if the focus is on the institution or organization as a whole unit, and a plural verb if the focus is on a collection of individuals. In formal contexts such as IELTS Writing, it is more common to use a singular verb.

In some contexts, a plural form of the verb is needed. We would say:
The committee usually raise their hands to vote ‘Yes’. (not The committee usually raises its hands… as we are referring to the members not as a group).

D. When names and titles ending in –s refer to a single unit we use a singular verb. Examples include countries; newspapers; titles of books, films, etc.; and quoted plural words or phrases:

  • At this time of the year the Netherlands is one hour ahead of the UK.
  • The Los Angeles Times lists Derek Jones as the fifth richest man in the world.
  • The Machine Gunners was one of Robert Wetall’s most successful books.
  • ‘Daps’ is the word used in the south west of the country for sports shoes.

I hope you can apply the above basic rules of Subject-Verb Agreement in your IELTS Writing, both Tasks 1 and 2. Good luck!!

By Almio

Strong Vocabulary Will Help You to Understand Reading Passages in 60 Minutes

Almost all students find it is difficult to answer the 40-question IELTS reading test in only 60 minutes as they say that they do not have enough time to read all the passages. As well as, they also comment that some of the vocabulary words in the reading passages are not common for them, so they get troubles in understanding the passages. In fact, the words in the questions seem different from the passages but have the same meaning. This will make the students get more frustrated answering the questions. 

For example: 

............... This ability to reach fast has been greatly improved with the aid of technology. The telephone and police radio, already long in use, assist greatly in the reduction in........... In more recent times, there has been the introduction of the “911” emergency system, which allows........, and the use of police computer system, .........

The questions: 
Name of the two latest technological developments that reduce police response time.

The students with lack of vocabulary words will answer telephone and police radio since they think that latest means the oldest one. However, when the students know that latest in the question has the same meaning with more recent times, the will answer 911 and computer

This is one of the example of the question showing that understanding and improving  variety of vocabulary words is a crucial thing to have better score. Also, this fact is true to other bands in IELTS, which are LISTENING, WRITING, and SPEAKING. 

There are many tips and tricks that the teachers explain when they teach the students attending the IELTS Preparation Course at www.IELTSjakarta.com before the students sit in the IELTS Test and the explanation above is one of the examples. 

The teachers always as much as possible set the time needed for each band when the class starts. So, the students get accustomed to the limited time and do not get shocked when sitting in the IELTS Test. It is important to note that the candidate will not be given extra time for each band. 

Hence, in favor of having high score in IELTS reading, the candidates should start learning new vocabulary words and find the synonym to improve themselves in understanding the passages and the questions as well, or they can take IELTS Preparation Courses.

by Onny

Common Grammatical Errors in Quantifier Adjective

In an IELTS Test, particularly IELTS Writing and IELTS Speaking, Grammar is one of the factors being assessed by the examiners. A lot of people made many grammatical errors during the test simply because they thought some things are grammatically correct since they seem to be common. But only after the teachers in your IELTS Preparation Course pointed out the mistakes, then soon you realized how terrifying English grammar can be! >.<

Determiners are some of the trickiest things. 
There are many occurrences in which course-takers wrote phrases like “most of countries” or “all of people” in their IELTS reports or essays. The phrase “most of countries” is obviously a common error. Articles which refer to quantities, such as “most”, “all”, “many”, and “a few”, can be used in either two ways:

  1. Followed directly by the noun to refer things in general, or;
  2. Used with the preposition “of” and the article “the” before the noun to refer to a quantity of a specific group which is defined directly in the expression.


  1. Most countries are affected by the new regulation.
  2. Most of the countries which are experiencing poor economic performance are affected by the new regulation.

The incorrect phrase “most of countries” is probably a mixed expression of both usages.
Things like understanding the determiners and other grammar-related skills undeniably play huge roles in assuring higher IELTS test score.  So, good luck from us, IELTSJakarta.com, and have fun with your grammar adventure!

Be SpecTacular! ;)
By Fredrik Nael
SpecTa Education