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Jadwal Test IELTS 2015

Jadwal test ielts 2015 jakarta. Seiring akan segera berakhirnya tahun 2014, Maka kali ini akan ditampilkan ielts test schedule 2015 jakarta. Seperti biasa kami ingatkan untuk melakukan registrasi ielts minimal 2 minggu atau 14 hari sebelum tanggal test yang telah ditentukan. Mengapa demikian, karena kami masih banyak menerima applikasi form ielts yang terlambat di submit. Semakin lama reservasi tanggal test ielts akan semakin baik. Sebagai informasi pada saat ini  registrasi ielts atau pendaftaran ielts bisa dilakukan secara online. Jadi kemungkinan jumlah kursi akan lebih cepat terisi. Sehingga bisa jadi kursi sudah terisi penuh 2 minggu sebelum tanggal test.

Satu hal yang tidak kalah penting, adalah akan lebih baik jika anda mengetahui jadwal test ielts dua bulan kedepan. Dengan demikian jika anda berniat mengambil test ielts anda sudah tahu ditanggal berapa anda harus mengikuti test ielts. Simpan jadwal test ielts 2015 berikut, sehingga sewaktu waktu anda bisa memperkirakan kapan harus mengambil test ielts dan tahu kapan harus reservasi. Jika anda tidak ada waktu datang ke tempat test ielts atau ielts test center, dan anda harus melakukan pembayaran atau pendaftaran ielts secara online. Maka pastikan anda melakukan konfirmasi ulang kepada test center yang anda pilih pada saat mendaftar online.

Bagi anda yang akan mengikuti test ielts untuk general module atau general training, sebaiknya anda mencatat untuk dua bulan kedepan jadwal test ielts untuk GT module. Mengapa demikian, karena berbeda dengan academic module, untuk test ielts general training module jumlah kursi dan jumlah waktu test nya tidaklah sebanyak academic module. Jika untuk academic module hampir setiap bulan ada sampai 2 atau tiga kali test, maka untuk GT module bisa jadi sebulan hanya ada satu kali test. Itupun dengan jumlah kursi yang terbatas. Sekali lagi simpan dan catat jadwal test ielts 2015 atau ielts test schedule 2015 jakarta berikut.

Jika ada perbedaan jadwal test ielts 2015 jakarta diatas dengan jadwal test ielts di bandung atau jadwal test ielts di surabaya. Maka anda bisa menghubungi test center ielts terdekat. Terkadang Jadwal test ielts IDP, Jadwal test ielts IALF ataupun Jadwal test ielts British Council bisa jadi berbeda, untuk informasi dan registrasi silahkan hubungi ketiga test center tersebut.

Contoh Jawaban IELTS Speaking Part 3

Berikut Contoh Jawaban Soal IELTS Speaking Part 3. Untuk Melihat soal dari jawaban berikut ini bisa dli lihat di sini :

Contoh Soal IELTS Speaking

Mohon di ingat ini hanya contoh jawaban. Selanjutnya silahkan berimprovisasi dengan jawaban anda sendiri.

  • When it comes to prices, every concert is different because it really depends on the artists themselves. For example, I recently attended a music concert by Taylor Swift called The Red Tour. Taylor Swift is a global superstar and she is very famous worldwide, I knew the classified ticket prices would be very expensive. The cheapest ticket was 750,000 rupiahs and I actually bought the most expensive ticket, the VVIP Diamond one and it cost me 4,1 million rupiahs. The other artist that I could use as an example is Avril Lavigne. She is definitely less popular than Taylor Swift globally and that is exactly the reason why her ticket prices are cheaper. Avril Lavigne’s festival tickets cost 600,000 rupiahs while her VIP ones cost 1 million rupiahs.

  • Personally for me, it is better to listen to live music when one has the chance because people who choose to listen to live music has the opportunity to listen and watch the performance at the same time.  The energy of watching a live performance itself is hugely different than if one listens to music on radio or TV. In addition, people could sing, dance and moves around while watching a live music and believe me, it is an experience everyone should get to have.

  • No, I do not think so. There can never be “too much” for music. Every artist has their own musical style and characteristic, similar to music and songs, they have their own manifestations which are different from one another. As a listener, I believe we should never limit and cage the artist and their music; instead we should let them express themselves the way they want to.

Part 3 – 2 (famous musicians)

  • I believe people are so interested in the personal lives of musicians because the musicians are their idols and it is driven by both love and curiosity. If one person likes another, it is very normal for that one person to want to know everything about the person that he or she likes. And when it comes to musicians, that action is stretched out to the extreme. The fans love their musicians to the point where they are both interested and mentally invested to the personal lives of the musicians and at the same time the fans are curious if the musicians are actually normal human beings or if they live as if they are gods among men.

  • Yes, it is definitely stronger now than it was in the past because the accessibility and intensity. It is easier for people to reach their musicians personally now because we have many social medias such as twitter, instagram and facebook where they could communicate to one another as if they are good friends. And it terms of intensity, it was more frowned upon to be borderline obsessive about a certain musician in the past, but now, the action and mentality of celebrity-obsession borderline stalking of the current generation is simply being looked as very normal and common.

  • To be honest, as far as I know and I am very well-informed in this particular area of interest, the only thing that could affect the image and popularity of musicians is negative behavior. Being in the public eye, people always pay special attention to everything that a musician or a celebrity does or says. Positive actions such as doing charity, being courteous, volunteer works, healthy lifestyle without drugs or alcohols, generate only positive results and reputation with the ability to maintain a musician’s popularity, fame and power. And without a doubt, negative behaviors only produce negative outcomes which will diminish the image of that certain musician. For example, Miley Cyrus, she started out as a Disney princess with her clean-cut image when she was 13 – 17 years old. She was highly successful with every kid and teenager in the world idolizing her, including their parents believing that Miley Cyrus was a good role model for everyone.  Now that she’s an adult, she decided that she should get rid of that good girl image and started a brand new one for the sake of popularity and money, unfortunately her brand new image is shockingly different than what and who she used to be. Miley Cyrus is more well-known as the complete opposite of the good girl, she fully utilizes the phrase “sex sells” every day and every opportunity given in a whole other level, we could definitely see the change based on her appearance, outfits and stage performances where she always generates bad publicity and extreme intolerance towards herself.  In addition, she always wears extremely revealing outfits everywhere combined with her bad girl image and she promotes smoking drugs such as molly and marijuana without having any thoughts about her fans regardless of their age. Such actions, of course, repel parents and certain people who think that Miley is inappropriate, thus resulting in the decline of her popularity and wealth.

Contoh Jawaban IELTS Speaking Part 2

Contoh Jawaban IELTS Speaking Part 2

Seperti dijelaskan sebelumnya bahwa dalam speaking section terbagi menjadi 3 bagian. Kali ini akan diberikan contoh jawaban ielts speaking untuk bagian kedua atau part 2. Tentunya contoh jawaban berikut bukanlah sesuatu yang mutlak, karena dari satu pertanyaan bisa menjadi beberapa jenis jawaban. Silahkan berimprovisasi sesuai dengan kemampuan anda, tetapi tetap didalam aturan atau format jawaban ielts speaking test. Sehinga score yang didapat sesuai dengan yang diinginkan.

Untuk melihat contoh soal IELTS speaking,  klik link berikut :

Contoh soal IELTS Speaking Test

Berikut Contoh jawaban ielts speaking test. Silahkan klik link diatasa untuk melihat soal dari jawaban dibawah ini.

  • When it comes to music, there are many types of events that people could attend, such as concerts, movies, theatre, drama musical or even street performances. Drama musical is the musical event that I choose to describe. Drama musical is actually a drama performance accompanied by music and songs where the actors and actresses are required to sing, dance and act. I have only ever attended such musical event once in my life and realized that I unexpectedly enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

  • The official name of the event was Disney on Ice. Disney on Ice was a drama musical event that actually happened both as a drama and on a huge ice ring. The drama itself was a compilation of Disney’s most memorable animated movies, acted as a live-action piece with each performer wearing ice skates dancing, skating and acting simultaneously. The songs that were playing as the main theme or the background music are Disney’s classics such as Beauty and the Beast, A Whole New World from Aladdin and A Part of Your World with Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid.

  •  It took place at a certain location called Jakarta International Expo – Arena PRJ Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. The event was actually held for three days and had both afternoon and evening shows. Afternoon at 3.30 pm and evening at 7.30pm.

  • To be honest, I am a huge fan of Disney. The first time I saw the advertisement of Disney on Ice, I instinctively knew that I was going to watch it no matter what. But, I thought that children would appreciate the show even more than I would, so I decided to invite my niece and nephew and I was really glad that they were as excited as I was. Therefore, I bought three tickets online prior to the show. I arrived to the place with my niece and nephew 1 hour before the show started.

  •  As I have previously mentioned, I am a huge fan of everything that relates to Disney, I knew I would enjoy the event but the show itself actually exceeded my expectation. After I finished watching the show, I realized that Disney on Ice did not only advertise the word “Disney” to sell its ticket because the show itself proved that it was actually magnificent as a one big musical drama event and every performer was extremely talented. Imagine watching every performer dancing, acting, singing and skating at the same time, they had to do extreme ice-skating stunts such as double jump, somersaults, spins and all of those stunts were done solo, pairs and as groups. While as audience, we were given the opportunity to watch how it went down as marvelous and entertaining as possible while listening to Disney’s songs. It was just glorious and I would love to watch it again if they come back next year.

Contoh Soal IELTS Speaking dan contoh Jawaban

Contoh Soal IELTS Speaking Beserta Jawaban

Bagian speaking pada test ielts adalah bagian terakhir setelah writing. Speaking section berlangsung kurang lebih 11 - 15 menit. Bagian speaking akan dilakukan dalam satu ruangan dimana peserta tes akan berhadapan langsung dengan examiner secara face to face. Jadi didalam ruangan hanya ada peserta test dan examiner. Speaking tes ielts sendiri terdiri dari 3 bagian. Dimana dalam tiga bagian tersebut anda harus mampu menunjukan kemampuan anda dalam berbahasa inggris secara interaktif dan komunikatif. Nantinya dalam menjawab berbagai pertanyaan dari examiner peserta tes diharapkan memberikan jawaban sepanjang mungkin, akan lebih baik jika examiner sendiri yang meminta anda untuk berhenti bicara ketika memberi jawaban. Jadi dalam menjawab pertanyaan sangat tidak disarankan dengan memberikan jawaban jawaban yang singkat.

Berbeda dengan tes toefl dimana speaking test nya menggunakan headphone. Pada test ielts anda akan berdialog langsung dengan examiner atau penguji. Pada kesempatan lain akan diberikan contoh soal toefl speaking sebagai perbandingan dengan soal ielts speaking test. Langsung  saja di bawah ini contoh soal ielts speaking dan jawabannya.

Perlu diingat bahwa jawaban soal speaking masing masing orang bisa berbeda, jadi contoh jawaban speaking ielts di bawah ini mungkin berbeda dengan jawaban setiap orang. Jadikan contoh jawaban ini sebagai perbandingan dan pengetahuan anda saja. Selanjutnya anda bisa berimprovisasi dengan jawaban anda sendiri.

Academic Speaking Module

Part 1
Introduction to interview ( four to five minutes ) : 
Biasanya examiner akan memulainya dengan memperkenalkan dirinya kepada peserta test dan memeriksa identitas anda sesuai dengan data yang ada. Kemudian examiner akan menanyakan beberapa pertanyaan seputar diri anda berdasarkan percakapan sehari hari. Berikut beberapa pertanyaan yang biasanya diajukan pada part 1 :
  • Let's talk about the place where you live now
  • Describe the place where you live now
  • Were you born there ?
  • Do you live on your own or with your family ?
  • Has the place changed much over the time you have live there ? How ?
Part 2
Individual long turn ( three to four minutes ) : Candidates task card instructions:

Please read the topic below carefully. You will ask to talk about it for one to two minutes. You will have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Describe a musical event you enjoyed attending. You should say:
  • What the event you attended was
  • Where it took place
  • Who was with you
Also explain why you enjoyed attending the event. 

The examiner may then ask you acouple of brief questions to wrap up this part of the test.
Further questions:.
  • Do you play musci your self ?
  • What instruments can you play ?
  • What kind of music do you most enjoy ? What do you like about it
 Part 3 
Two-way discussion ( four to five minutes ) 
In part 3, the examiner will ask you further questions related to the topic in part 2.
 Lets consider listening music....
  • How expensive is it to attended a concert in your country ?
  • Is it better to listen to live music or to listen to music on the television or radio ? why is one better ?
  • Do you think there is to much music available now ? why/why not ?
Finally let's talk about famous musicians...
  • Why do you think people are so interested in the personal live of musician ?
  • Is that interest stronger now than in the past ?
  • What are some things that cam affect the image anda popularity of musicians ?

Contoh Jawaban Soal di atas silahkan lihat :

Contoh Jawaban IELTS Speaking Part 1

Contoh Jawaban IELTS Speaking Part 1

Berikut akan di berikan contoh jawaban untuk soal ielts speaking part 1. Yang perlu diingat adalah bahwa untuk jawaban speaking bisa berbeda beda tergantung dari improvisasi masing masing peserta test. Semua jawaban baik asalkan sesuai dengan aturan aturan atau standart penilaian pada ielts. Pada soal ielts speaking sendiri ada beberapa hal yang dinilai. Jadi pada saat anda menjawab pertanyaan dari examiner. Maka sang examiner akan menilai jawaban anda meliputi empat kategori yaitu :
  1. Fluency
  2. Coherence
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Grammar

Jadi apapun bentuk jawaban anda, asalkan empat unsur penilaian diatas bisa dipenuhi dengan baik. Maka tentunya anda akan mendapat nilai yang baik. Di bawah ini contoh jawaban part 1. Silahkan pelajari baik baik contoh jawaban berikut.

Untuk Soal Speaking Part 1 bisa dilihat disini :

  •  I live at a special neighborhood called Pantai Indah Kapuk, more famously known as PIK. I called it special because PIK was built as a huge community that consists of houses, offices, restaurants and cafes, shopping mall and stores, and last but not least, entertainment centers such as bars and lounge, karaoke halls and water theme park. It is always full of cars and people, basically very crowded especially nighttime. Geographically speaking, PIK is very accessible and it is also currently the go-to place for everyone in Jakarta and I believe it will continue to be that way for a very long time.

  • Yes, I was actually born there.

  • I live with my family and we have lived there for almost 10 years.

  • The place has rapidly changed over time. At first, PIK was a neighborhood that consisted only houses for families. But as I grew up, PIK also grew up to be more than just a friendly neighborhood. And as I have previously mentioned, now we can see there are office buildings, stores, theme park, restaurants and the people in charge actually keep building and expanding the place to be as big and functional as it can be.

 Silahkan berimprovisasi dengan jawaban anda sendiri. Perhatikan keempat unsur penilaian dalam speaking ielts supaya anda bisa mendapatkan nilai yang bagus. Anda bisa memberikan jawaban yang lebih panjang daripada contoh jawaban part 1 diatas. Semakin panjang jawaban anda smaka akan semakin bagus di mata examiner, sepanjang anda melakukan dengan baik dan benar.

Untuk Melihat Pertanyaan klik link berikut :